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...Playmate har hittat en nisch i regionens teaterliv som behöver fyllas. Med tre uppsättningar på ett år har Playmate Theatre fått upp farten och hittat publiken. Det ska bli spännande att se vilken riktning ensemblen tar i framtiden.

Sydsvenskan, Jan 2018

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Playmate's third season of quality theatre in
in Malmö & Copenhagen

Performances  in Malmö & Copenhagen

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April/May  2019

with an all-British cast


The Goat,



Who is



By Edward Albee

What happens when infidelity strips a marriage bare? 

A provocative, powerful and surprisingly funny play, from one of the twentieth century’s greatest playwrights, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, author of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and “The Zoo Story”. Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Play, Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Martin, happily-married husband and father, has fallen in love with Sylvia. He is a man with a perfect life, now undone by a fatal flaw.

"You try to tell them; you try to be honest. What do they do? They laugh at you,” 
/ Martin, successful architect, animal enthusiast

Albee’s most provocative work shocked theatregoers when it first premiered, a play that challenges its audience as much as its characters.

“How can you love me when you love so much less?”
/Stevie, the cheated wife

Husband and wife grapple across the ruins of a marriage. How do you rebuild a family when the unthinkable happens?

Darkly comical and witty, this is a story about love and loss, about what makes a family work, what makes a marriage tick and 

what makes married couples laugh.

One man painfully traverses the ultimate taboo and asks us to re-evaluate how we see ourselves.

How far is society prepared to tolerate difference? And what after all is normal?

“If you've never seen this play before, and you're courageous, you won't regret your experience."

The conversations with friends after the play are reason alone to come and watch!

Directed by Boel Marie Larsson
CAST: Kevin Benn, JeffersonBond, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole, David Barrett


Performances are in English.

By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited, London


Vanessa Poole, Kevin Benn, Robin, Gott, Jefferson Bond.
(Photo by Diego Monsivais.)

Playmate Theatre Malmö was set up in 2017 by three British actors, living and working in Malmö, hoping to fill a niche in the local theatre scene in Skåne. We offer quality English-language theatre, small-cast intimate plays, for Swedes and international audiences.

In  our first season of English language plays in Malmö,  -  by playwrights Alan Bennett, David Ives and Peter Shaffer - Playmate aimed to produce theatre that has wit, repartee, passion and relevance. 

Like all actors we have an enormous love of words, but there is no denying the value of entertainment to an audience and the power of a good story. Some plays just sound better in their native language. Other well-loved English language plays are perhaps unfamiliar to a Scandinavian audience. 
This is your chance to see them.

"Without danger Mr. Bardolph, there is no theatre!" 
Lettice and Lovage 
by Peter Shaffer (2018)

"None of my business. I'm just an actrice. Kinda bright in here. Mind if I change the lights?" 
Vanda Jordan, Venus in Fur by David Ives (2017)

"I'm not just gonna sit here and wait for the phone to ring. No fear... You see, the more you have to offer as a person, the better you are as an actor. Acting is really just giving"
Lesley, Her Big Chance, from Alan Bennett's Talking Heads  (2017)

En föreställning i världsklass här i Malmö på lilla Bastionen med strålande skådespelarprestationer
Engelsk humor och satir när den är som bäst"

Inlägg från publiken efter vår föreställning "Lettice and Lovage" Playmate Theatre Malmö. (2018)