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Playmate Theatre Malmö is a professional English-language theatre company in Malmö, southern Sweden, bringing small-cast, intimate, contemporary plays of relevance to Swedish and international audiences. We collaborate with invited guest directors  and at times, on joint or guest productions with other theatre companies in the region. In Malmö we usually perform at blackbox theatre Bastionen and when possible tour to Copenhagen and Hamburg. We aim to perform one to two strong choices of play a year, a mixture of straight dramas and dramatic comedies, by playwrights we feel are exciting and whose writing works successfully and internationally. Playmate performs in English and auditions for actors as needed. 

Come to us for a touch of off-Broadway theatre magic in Scandinavia!


"...Playmate har hittat en nisch i regionens teaterliv som behöver fyllas. Med tre uppsättningar på ett år har Playmate Theatre fått upp farten och hittat publiken. Det ska bli spännande att se vilken riktning ensemblen tar i framtiden."

Sydsvenskan, 2018



Come join us on Tuesday 27 February at 18:00 hrs  for the first of a series of playreadings in English at black box theatre Bastionen, Norra Vallgatan 38, Malmö, just across the canal from Malmö Central Station.
We would love to meet fellow actors, directors, performers, audience and theatre-lovers one and all, in a creative and relaxed setting.

You can choose when you arrive whether to read a few lines or just listen. We can't promise everyone will get a chance to read but we will do our best.

The Playmate actors are raring to go! And we have a great, very British, funny script to tempt you with. We would love to hear new voices, both actors and script-writers.

The next playreading date after this will be in May and that will be a fully prepared staged reading for the audience.

This time, let's see what we have to work with! 

BLACK BASE extra.png

Apart from our stage plays, Playmate is also launching a modest series of short online audio plays in the next few weeks. The first one is now on line. So in between our regular performances in Malmö live on stage during the year, you will also be able to listen to some quality theatre/comedy/drama by us online. STAY TUNED 

Are you a playwright with a play that could work as a recording? Get in touch.

Are you interested in showcasing your talents as a voice actor in English? Get in touch.



'Play it by ear!'   by Playmate

Playmate Theatre Malmö was set up in 2017 by three British actors, living and working in Malmö, hoping to fill a niche in the local theatre scene in Skåne. 

With  critically renowned, contemporary English-language scripts - by playwrights such as Alan Bennett, David Ives and Peter Shaffer - Playmate aims to produce theatre that has wit, repartee, passion and relevance.

Like all actors we have an enormous love of words, but there is no denying the value of entertainment to an audience and the power of a good story. Some plays just sound better in their native language. Other well-loved English-language plays are perhaps unfamiliar to a Scandinavian audience.

This is your chance to see them.

Bringing the best of English language theatre to Scandinavia


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"Without danger Mr. Bardolph, there is no theatre!"

Lettice and Lovage by Peter Shaffer (2018)

"None of my business. I'm just an actrice. Kinda bright in here. Mind if I change the lights?"

Vanda Jordan, Venus in Fur by David Ives (2017)

"I'm not just gonna sit here and wait for the phone to ring. No fear... You see, the more you have to offer as a person, the better you are as an actor. Acting is really just giving"

Lesley, Her Big Chance, from Alan Bennett's Talking Heads (2017)

"En föreställning i världsklass här i Malmö på lilla Bastionen med strålande skådespelarprestationer

Engelsk humor och satir när den är som bäst"

Inlägg från publiken efter vår föreställning "Lettice and Lovage" Playmate Theatre Malmö. (2018)

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