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past productions: guest performances

VODKA TALKS by Arne Nielsen 

(VODKA TALKS Photos @ Filip Orestes)

Playmate Theatre Malmö is delighted to have co-presented and co-promoted
the following international guest productions performing at Bastionen black box theatre in Malmö
November 2022


by Arne Nielsen
A HIT International Theatre Arts/ Manusarts production as part of the Move the North cross-border-festival

Directed by Lars Junggreen

"...When secrets surface from the bottle up... "

Digging up the secrets of childhood requires a shot of vodka – or two -
 as hidden mysteries unfold in a German house by a cold lake.

VODKA TALKS tackles the unsettling political waves of power and change spreading through Europe in 2022, a play with humour, drama and suspense.

A play about love, family and what it means to survive the past

Don't miss this moving, thought-provoking piece of contemporary theatre, a brand-new comedy drama which brings as much laughter as it does sorrow to the political stage.

In a Europe facing sweeping change - where do we all stand?


"...en tät och intensiv föreställning! Spännande med kontrasten mellan textens gravallvar och lekfullheten med de snygga kartongernas scenvärld där ni fick vara både barn och vuxna."

"So much to think about...I am going to come back and see it again"

"Vi vill tacka för en fantastisk föreställning"

"så välförtjänt"

"That was amazing, well done! "

"Such a strong show ... I need to see it again!"

Cast: Vanessa Poole, Jana Pulkrabek, Katrin Weisser and Kevin Benn

VODKA TALKS is a world premier and guest performance in English

A HIT International Theatre Arts/ Move the North production

co-presented and co-promoted in Sweden by Playmate Theatre Malmö

Newly launched HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS works out of Copenhagen and focuses on exciting English-language theatre projects combining creatives and performing artists from primarily Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. Linked to cross-border festival MOVE THE NORTH, the brand creates, develops and supports cultural ties specifically in theatre, in Europe.

VODKA TALKS is performed under license from Literarische Agentur Kossack GbR.

*VODKA TALKS will also be playing in Copenhagen at Teatret ved Sorte Hest from 20 April 2023


ON STAGE: Vanessa Poole as Freya, Jana Pulkrabek as Edda and with the voices of Katrin Weisser, Kevin Benn

irected by: Lars Junggreen

Playwright: Arne Nielsen

Production Company: HIT International Theatre Arts

Co-presented: by Move the North/Manusarts

Co-presented & promoted in Sweden by Playmate Theatre Malmö

Set design: Lars Junggreen

Production/props assistance: Angelique Giroir

Stage Management & director's assistant:

Joan M. Bentsen

Second production assistant: Michaela Palmer

Scenography advisor: Mikkel Bundgaard

Sound effects: Rikoschett/ Olle Nielsen

Props design/ construction: Iven Gilmore

Stage technician: Anna Hyllested

Lighting & projection design: Imre Mark Petkov

Crew: A. Thomas

Photo credits 'VODKA TALKS': Filip Orestes

PR: Opus Anglia

A guest production by: HIT International Theatre Arts

HAP by John Foster

A HIT International Theatre Arts/ Manusarts production as part of the Move the North cross-border-festival

by John Foster

Directed by Paul Glaser


"brilljant föreställning - o vilken bra pjäs! Jag skrattar fortfarande - magiskt framfört!"

"A long time since I laughed so much... almost as much as Hap does!"

a world premier and guest performance in English

A HIT International Theatre Arts production
in collaboration with the English Theatre of Hamburg 
co-presented and co-promoted in Sweden by Playmate Theatre Malmö
August 2021

HAP A brilliant quirky new comedy directed by Paul Glaser in 2021 marked the return to Sweden as director of Swedish-born musical theatre star Paul , currently Artistic Director of The English Theatre of Hamburg, Germany’s oldest private English-language theatre.

Playmate Theatre Malmö was delighted to host the very first world premiere of HAP the summer of 2021, after its launch in Hamburg. A sparkling new comedy stage play in English by BAFTA award-winning, OFFIE-nominated British playwright John Foster. A heart-warming and hilarious comedy about love, loneliness and our modern obsession with the pursuit of happiness.

The plot?

Two very different city-slicker women, on either end of a slippery therapist’s couch!

Meet Hap. Despite all attempts to be a miserablist she can’t ever be unhappy. Unhappy at being happy, she visits Doctor Marples seeking a cure. Doctor Marples, herself desperate for joy, doesn’t know how to be happy in the first place!

Through the ongoing monotony of Brexit, Corona and takeaways-for-one, Hap and her doctor find to their surprise, giggles and romance in the most unlikely of places.

This play is one quirky, breathless ride you do not want to miss!

On stage; Vanessa Poole; Jana Pulkrabek

is part of the official 2021 Move the North ( cross-border-festival program; presented by HIT International Theatre Arts (Denmark), The English Theatre of Hamburg (Germany) & Teaterhuset Bastionen (Sweden)

Co-produced by Manusarts
Co-presented by Move the North

Co-presented & co-promoted in Sweden by Playmate Theatre Malmö.

(Photos@Filip Orestes) (2021)

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