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guest performances

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LULLABY FOR A GROWN MAN by Keren Klimovsky.
 A rehearsed, reading. A premiere of this script in the Nordics.
Directed by E. Kelessidi
ON STAGE: Joan M Bentsen, Karen Olrich White, Vanessa Poole.
Wyrd Systers: a staged reading for the inauguration of Malmö Scenfest 

On stage: Kevin Benn, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole, Michaela Palmer, Evdokia Kelessidi, Andrew Christiansson, Viveka Solér

A selection of monologues in 3 locations in collaboration with Malmö Scenfest.
On stage: Kevin Benn, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole, Michaela Palmer, Evdokia Kelessidi.

VODKA TALKS by Arne Nielsen, a world premiere - A guest production by HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS / ManusArts/as part of the Move the North cross-border-festival

Sunday in Sodom by Jordan Tannahill

HAP by John Foster
, a world premiere - A guest production by HIT INTERNATIONAL THEATRE ARTS ManusArts in collaboration with the English Theatre of Hamburg as part of the Move the North cross-border-festival.  

Sylvia by A. R. Gurney

The Goat or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee

Quality Street
  - a night at the theatre - showcasing Pinter, Roald Dahl and more

Lettice and Lovage by Peter Shaffer 

Venus in Fur by David Ives
in collaboration with Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre, Copenhagen

Talking Heads by Alan Bennett




... watch these Playmate Theatre Malmö video snapshots of our work...

…wanted to let you know how appreciated your performance of Sunday in Sodom was... We were all deeply moved by the play and as you could see it really hit home with many students... so much positive feedback from them, both from those who were completely new to the theatre and from those that have experience from before. Many commented on [Vanessa Poole’s] personal performance of Edith as a true feat. A big thank you

/ "förbluffad fin tolkning av Vanessa Poole som Lots fru"


by Jordan Tannahill

Directed by Matthew Short

"Vilken föreställning!!! Wow säger jag bara, den berörde verkligen!"


"djupt imponerad."

"Sunday in Sodom is a must see play! Visceral and gripping, this is an eloquent portrait of the human struggle, brought to life by a brilliant cast and director, staged perfectly in a minimalist set.

The power and beauty of live theatre lies in moments like these... I laughed. I cried..."

"It was so good and moving"

"Quite brilliant"

"Amazing. Impressed"

"This really was London standard of theatre"

"So simple yet so effective"

"Wow. Can't stop thinking about this".

"Such a strong text"

"Was a brilliant play and performance"

"All the cast were superb"

"It really is a play of the moment".

Inna Syzonenko plays Nanna

(BELOW: Vanessa Poole, Kevin Benn, Michaela Palmer, Inna Syzonenko are the family in SUNDAY IN SODOM. 

Photos @Smallfield Photo/Tomas Lissåker)

Vanessa Poole, Karen Olrich-White, Robin Gott

Sylvia by A. R. Gurney 

Directed by Joseph Sherlock


"...fantastic theatre and Sylvia by Playmate Theatre Malmö is an absolute gem. Both hilarious and at moments sharply poignant"

"Wow vilken fantastisk föreställning o pjäs - underbar!!"

” så skickligt o så mycket känslor o vilken story!”

”Thanks so much for a wonderful performance - animals, play, life in a nutshell - massa igenkänning - så även tårar för mänsklighet och hundar. ”

” hilarious and lots of food for thought”

"Fantastic play, brilliantly executed! "

” Så bra - många skratt, men även med ett djupare budskap.”              


"Sylvia"  in 2020 is our hugely fun, highly relevant and hilarious social comedy about life, love, the middle-aged mid-life itch and taking the dog for a walk in the park.

“Sharing…what some people sometimes call love… Of course, what do I know? … I’m only a dog.” /Sylvia.

Not bad for a talking dog! She is the only one in their marriage who really knows what they want!

New York couple Greg & Kate find after 22 comfortable years of raising kids & life in the suburbs, they are now facing empty nest syndrome, the onset of middle age and the frustrations of marriage in Manhattan. Then in wanders Sylvia, a street-smart mixture of stray lab and poodle, en route from Central Park.

Together with Sylvia, Greg and his wife discover the power of nature, the meaning of life, for men and women, a bone of contention and a whole lotta laughs.

(PHOTOS @Jan Sok) ON STAGE: Karen Olrich-White, Vanessa Poole, Kevin Benn, Robin Gott  (2020)                  

The Goat or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee


"Brilliantly performed, Edward Albee’s darkly comical The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? is not for the faint of heart. With a lurking elephant — or, really, a goat — in the room, the audience is thrown headfirst into the most emotionally intimate moments of a great marriage gurgling down the garbage disposal… Poole and Benn balance this tension of love and hate so delicately as to make the whole performance nuanced and believable…The play is carried by Poole’s strongly nuanced portrayal of one half of a happy, devoted partnership sliding quickly into insanity".

The Goat or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee ( 2019)
Directed by Boel Marie Larsson

What happens when infidelity strips a marriage bare?

Can a marriage just... vanish?

Martin, happily-married husband and father, has fallen in love with Sylvia. To his wife, this is a man who has been her everything for decades. It is who they have been forever.

Peppered with witticisms, repartee and a glimpse into the intimacy of marriage, this play examines the penalty you may pay for obsession, with wit, black humour and sometimes horrifying results.

Playmate's performances of "The Goat or Who is Sylvia?" premiered in May 2019 in Malmö and Copenhagen.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ CPH POST



ON STAGE : Jeff Bond, Kevin Benn, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole & David Barrett

(PHOTOS@ Diego Monsivais)

Lettice and Lovage

by Peter Shaffer

Directed by Robin Gott.
What happens when two rather eccentric, intellectual, middle-aged ladies decide to dress up in the basement, quaff Elizabethan cordial - vodka and lovage no less - and unite to battle the uglification of modern Britain - wielding an axe?!

In essence these are two lonely, frustrated women, afraid of becoming obsolete. Bubbling under the surface are allusions to the borders of sexuality, terrorism, alienation, history and reality.

The play discusses the threat of increasing urbanisation and the decay of "civilisation" in an increasingly brutal world. But it does it gently and with whoops of laughter!

Lettice and Lovage is a fast-paced Shaffer comedy. It celebrates English wit, banter, repartee and a love of language, of history and theatricality. 

On stage: Boel Marie Larsson & Vanessa Poole, Kevin Benn
(PHOTOS @ Diego Monsivais) (2018)

Boel Marie Larsson, Vanessa Poole

"En föreställning i världsklass här i Malmö på lilla Bastionen. med strålande skådespelarprestationer

Engelsk humor och satir när den är som bäst"

Kevin Benn as the antiques dealer

Talking Heads 

by Alan Bennett 

Directed by Annalisa Rossi
"It’s a rare occasion that a series of monologues, served only by modest (but precisely arranged and coloured) staging, can evoke such a vivid series of images and a rich sense of period and personality ... each role is performed with an immaculate ear for the text by all three players, lending a hyper-real emotionality that, like the heightened social realism of Mike Leigh’s best work, veers toward caricature but never mockery, nor does it fail to hit its mark."
May 9th, 2017 CphPost

(PHOTO @ Diego Monsivais)
ON STAGE: Kevin Benn, Robin Gott, Vanessa Poole (2017)

Venus in Fur

 by David Ives 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ CPH POST

Directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen

A production in collaboration with Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre Copenhagen
"I SO enjoyed it. I was literally, honestly, sitting forward on the edge of my seat... I was excited to see what was coming next… I was drawn in."

"a wonderful mean feat to keep the tempo going... Excellent!"

"What a play. Wow."

"Impressed and inspired"

".. så bra som ni var... Jag ser fram emot nästa föreställning!"

"Grym föreställning"

"Superb föreställning"


"GO SEE THIS PLAY. Cast amazing. Script fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

Vanessa Poole, Alex Lehman

ON STAGE: Vanessa Poole & Alex Lehman

(PHOTO @Diego Monsivais) (2017)

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