Covid 19 regulations

All plays will be performed in accordance with all current Swedish health and safety regulations, with all required social distancing requirements fully observed for cast, crew and audience ect. as required and recommended by the Swedish authorities.


We cooperate with Kulturcentralen, the online booking agency in Malmö and recommend purchasing tickets from them. If you have special requests, it is a touring performance or wish to purchase a larger number of tickets, you are most welcome to contact us. 
Playmate Theatre Malmö is also available for booking, either its current repertoire or for single monologue pieces.

study material
Playmate can, upon request, provide study material, essay questions, discussion themes on its performances, for any highschool/ university students, study circle or college class, who book seats for a Playmate Theatre performance.

(Photo credit: Actress Karen Olrich-White as Sylvia. Playing October 2020 at Bastionen, Malmö.)

I'm sitting watching TV. I say 'Oh hello. Did you have a nice time?".

She said, "Yes. Yes we did thank you....Have you had a tablet? Have a tablet.'

Graham Whittaker, "A Chip in the Sugar" by Alan Bennett. (Playmate, Malmö 2017)