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               AUDIO PLAY NUMBER 0NE:                 

"10 Abbey Court"

by Cheryl Barrett 
A short chilly thriller, 8 minutes long...

With the voice talents of Jakob Hulten & Vanessa Poole

Press play, volume on, sound up. And check out Playmate's work also featured on

"Play it by ear!" 

:Are YOU excited about listening to drama?? 

Radio plays are a huge well-loved tradition. Playmate Theatre Malmö is excited to be launching the first in a series of short audio plays which you able to listen to at the click of a button on our social media and here.

The idea is to showcase some snapshot audio recordings by Playmate of English-language theatre - dramas, comedies or something in between, as well as to showcase English-language playwriting and English-speaking voice talents from the Nordics.

All from our base in Sweden, as theatre-lovers to theatre-lovers anywhere in the world.

Naturally we will keep performing live on stage in Malmö and Copenhagen during the year but this perhaps gives you a little something tantalising to listen to in between!

Our first audio play whas now been released, to start off 2023. A little gift from all of us to all of you!

This first audio play is a chilly little thriller, "10 Abbey Court" written by British playwright Cheryl Barrett.
Audio play number 2 to be released soon...

If you are interested in showcasing your talent as a voiceover artist or are a playwright whose plays could work as recording - feel free to get in touch.

Email us at:


"10 Abbey Court"

A short play and chilly domestic thriller by Cheryl Barrett
Adapted for audio
What happens when an appointment with the estate agent takes an unexpected turn...

With the voice talents of actors Jakob Hulten and Vanessa Poole.

Recorded & edited by Olle Nielsen @Rikoschett, Sweden

Performed under license from Lazy Bee Scripts UK

With thanks to Ron Gilbert, indie theatre producer and founder of AudioPlays USA

©Opus Anglia & Playmate Theatre Malmö

Playmate's "Play it by ear!" series is up and running...

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